Mobile Sampling Tours

Mobile Sampling Tours are a Staple of the Experiential Marketing World, Because They Work.

Well crafted and compelling mobile sampling tours can increase brand loyalty, boost word of mouth, and result in sales conversions anywhere from 20-90%. Sampling events can also create a response rate that lasts 4 times longer than traditional media.

Why Create Mobile Sampling Tours

Why go to the expense to create a mobile sampling tour? Why not just sample at the end of the isle? The largest x-factor in sampling tours seems to be the emotional involvement. Psychologist estimate that 70% of spending decisions are based on emotional factors. The power of the emotional connection between customer and brand is best documented and easily demonstrated by the product loyalty of NASCAR fans.

Telsa’s creates an experience while “sampling” the new P85D

Hand out an Experience Not a Sample

Sampling at the end of the aisle is an effective sampling tool and can lead to a localized boost in sales. In order to drive long term brand loyalty an emotional connection needs to take place. Mobile sampling tours are the best way to allow costumers to test drive a product while creating a long term emotional connection that results in a new life long customer.

From cheese to luxury cars makers, brands have discovered the power of the mobile sampling tours. The recent proliferation of “ride and drive” initiatives from automakers are in essence a sampling event for new products. The results from car makers have been compelling enough to extend and expand these “experience” based programs.

Mobile Sampling Tour Example

The Tillamook County Creamery has generated enough success with it’s mobile sampling tour to still be expanding in it’s 6th year. Originally the “Loafs of Love Tour,” the campaign now includes cheese, ice cream and yogurt and we believe it to be operated by Henry 5th with vehicles fabricated by the brand locally.

Since inception in 2009 the Tillamook mobile tour has sampled over 1.8 million pieces of cheese, given out over 1.4 million coupons and interacted with over 1.3 million Tillamook fans. The tour will continue to utilize head turning vintage Volkswagen busses to communicate an emotional connection with fans, while giving the uninitiated a chance to try Tillamook’s products for the first time.

ExperientialVehicles has no affiliation with Tillamook, Henry 5, or their adorable program.

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