10' vintage rv trailers

10′ Light weight Boles Aero needs some finishing work but has flat surfaces great for graphics.  Currently being restored.  Clicked image to see a restored version.

Looking for Vintage RV Trailers for your mobile tour, there are more options than just the famed Airstream currently for sale…

Restored Vintage rv trailers

Fully restored version of a Streamline…check out those vintage tail lights!  Gutted version available.

Here are five options, including a beloved Airstream, for creating head turning, high style Vintage RV Trailers for your next promotional campaign.  All of these units could be used “as is” or be completely customized with stages or custom interiors to turn these  promotional vehicles into a experiential event vehicles.

Gutted interior versions of Vintage RV Trailers pictured are available and start at less than $5000.  Finished units begin around $12,000 and currently top out around $20,000 with the Bambi pictured below.

The smaller light weight trailers under 19’ are great because they can be pulled easily without special licensing by most SUV’s.

For aggressive summer tours we would recommend paring Vintage RV Trailers with a newer pickup or SUV to avoid complications and maintain the rigorous tour schedule.  But for those with a more sparse or regional schedule, or for the brave, paring these trailers with a vintage truck like the International Scout would create a great look.

Large vintage trailer

(Click image to see a restored version) Originally for concessions this large Spartan Manor vintage trailer would make a great mobile lounge.

We have found several classic vehicles that could be used to haul trailers.  Externally they have a completely original look but with rebuilt or new engines that have less than 5000 miles.  Some chassis have also been swapped out for modern stronger chassis.  These full restorations allow the great retro look that people love inside and out but underneath the hood there is a little more power and insurance that your classic vehicle and Vintage RV Trailer will survive the summer tour season.

The classic Bambi Airsream trailer

The classic Bambi Airstream trailer and some denim.  Several gutted sizes available too.

vintage rv

Corrugated finish is hard on graphics but still has a great look. (Gutted Interior)