Classic and vintage promotional vehicles for marketing campaigns.

Need to find a vintage vehicle for a promotional campaign and don’t want to go through the hassle of of hunting it down on Craigslist, talking to owners, and endless trips to look at vehicles in hopes of finding the right one?

We can help!

vintage promotional vehicles
Select based on need, a show piece vs. daily driver.
We work directly with a high volume seller of classic and vintage cars and trucks that allows us to examine multiple vehicles at one time to save on time and costs. All of the vehicles have undergone a full inspection and every attempt is made to list any vehicle flaws or issues up front.

Concerns when renting or buying this type of vehicle are different than a personal auto because of how they will be used. Our experience with marketing vehicles allows to us look at potential vehicles through the lens of your project to find the best vehicle quickly.

Our exclusive access to classic vehicles also allows us to get specs and measurements for custom additions. Need a couple F100’s to make nostalgic delivery trucks that convert into product displays? We can source multiple vehicles quickly and work with your fabricator on vehicle specifics to jump start the custom fabrication process.

We can also arrange delivery of your custom vehicle.

Don’t want the hassle of a purchasing a vehicle for a summer marketing program? We have a rental options available.

We offer vintage vehicle sourcing for a flat fee. We believe our sourcing fee represents a cost savings when compared to the time, energy, money, and potential risk of buying blind.

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vintage vehicle for marketing and promotions