vintage delivery truck

1980 Divco Model 300C Milk Truck

Original article:

We spotted this very vintage delivery truck for sale.

It appears the Divco truck has been full restored and was for sale in true auction style on ebay. The auction started at $1 at the time of this post was hovering at $14,000. (Update: Sold $23,600)

The Divco delivery truck would make a great marketing vehicle or gourmet food truck, cafe wagon, ice cream truck, gelato wagon, hot dog cart, taco stand, craft beer or beverage truck, farmers market,

The vehicle is based on a 1938 design but was actually one of the last Divco trucks ever made in 1983. It has been totally restored including the engine which runs well.


Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.13.42 AM

Measurements and dimensions and Weight:

Length – 16′ 5″

Width – 6′ 5″ for the body itself, 6′ 8″ if you ad the two 1 1/2″ rear fenders

Height – 8′ 1″

Wheel Base, (center of front wheel to center of rear wheel) – 113″

Distance from center of Front tire to Bumper, (overhang info for transport) – 32″

Distance from center of Rear tire to Bumper, (overhang info for transport) – 4′ 4″

Outside of left tire to outside of right tire – 6′

Inside of Back Area – 6′ wide X 8′ 1 1/2 long X 5′ 2″ high

Stand up height for front Cab area – 6′ 4″

Weight – Unladen, (empty) approximately 5000 lbs (about the same as a Suburban)

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.13.57 AM