VW Bus Bar

A classic conversion the VW Bus Bar is always a crowd pleaser. Built from a VW or Combi Bus the VW Bus bar conversion creates a mobile bar or food truck ideal for event marketing sampling events or hospitality.  Custom interior options are available or order with a blank interior and buildout your own custom truck.  These Volkswagen vans have multiple roof options including flip style or 4 post pop-up.

More info and electric versions are coming soon so stay tuned!

The VW bus bar is a driveable Volkswagen van customized with flip or 4 a post raising top.  The rear area has been cleared of seats so that it can be used as a stand up work area when the rear roof section is opened.  The rear interior can optionally be fitted with sink and appliances for those wanting a food truck.  Conversions for a coffee bar, juice bar, or beer and spirits bar are available.  The VW bus bar can also be used for retail or dry sampling packaged foods.  These units have many possibilities.

The VW Bus bar is built out of a real Volkswagen bus and is drivable however even in it’s prime these vehicles topped out around 55mph.  30 years later and they are no faster.  When it comes to gas engine versions it is highly recommended to trailer the units market to market.  In terms of the mobility of the VW Bus think more vintage car.  Not something you want to drive long distances but would love to roll up to an event in.  We have transport trailers and logistical support options available if needed.  In contrast the pop top and bar area is designed to support active event usage.

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