Citroen Vintage Delivery Truck

The Citroën Vintage Delivery Truck Type H is one of the most iconic vehicles in the world.  Highly desirable for collectors, fans, and marketers these are hard to find.  The Vintage Delivery Truck makes a massive style upgrade over traditional vending vehicles.  Equipped with a vending window the classic delivery truck becomes an ideal base for sampling.  For added penetration the Vintage Delivery Truck has options dual marquees.

Great asset for pop-up retail, sampling, or light food or beverage.

The Vintage Delivery Truck must be trailered between markets and  includes vending window, shore power connection, white interior walls with shelfs, and lighting.

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The Vintage Citroen Type H is a blast to drive but is slow as molasses topping out around 45mph.  The corrugated sides are a weight saving technique.  The bends allowed lighter metal to be used while maintaining strength.  In the end they added a little more style to the iconic shape of the Type H.

Citroen Hy Van History (not actual unit)

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