Vending Truck Fleets Description

Vending trucks are one of those Swiss Army knife type of vehicles that can handle a while variety of applications.  Don’t confuse these with food trucks, but yes they can do that too.  However, they can also do much more.  Internally we refer to these as Faux Food trucks, they have the classic look of the highly desirable food truck but on the inside the have customizable space for your application.

Without the appliances, water tanks, propane, etc that is crammed inside a food truck there is ample space for whatever you may need.  Sampling package goods, place some shelving inside.  Sampling yogurt, just add refrigerators.  Handing out t-shirts and fidget spinner?  Fill the rear full of boxes or tubs.  The space is totally customizable based on your purpose and yes it can even be setup to be a food truck.  However typically vending trucks are altered to become coffee trucks, or some other lower level production consumable.  For full service cooking it would just be easier to get a food truck.

Not interested in making use of the serving window?  leave it closed and create a mobile meeting area or mobile display in the rear of the truck.  Snap on tools has been using a similar strategy for years with their mobile sale trucks.  The rear is much larger than a standard van and vending truck (actually, it’s a step van) is  easier to handle than a box truck.  Its sits between the van and the straight truck in terms of size.  The vending truck also mimics the standard van with it’s excellent low floor height  rather than the nearly 3′ deck height on most box trucks.  This makes access easier and gives a lower clearance while in transit.

Vending Truck Fleets are the ideal solution for national sampling programs from food to merchandise.   They can be used for simultaneous activations across the country or blitzing  a single city with an attention getting armada of trucks.  The Vending Trucks have a 7kw generator as well as shore power hookups to power your event.

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