2017 Bizbox Model X

The Bizbox Model X is the slightly shorter sibling to the Model 2.0.  The key difference between the two is that the Model X does not have the expandable glass section at the rear.  This means the Model X has slightly less interior length that the 2.0.  However, losing the length means an easier and faster setup time and potentially fitting into more footprints.

The Model X boasts the same dual entry and clam shell design that Bizboxes are known for in a quick deploy package.  The unit has an aluminum chassis to keep it light and dual 6k axles for a decent payload.  Equipped for shore power this unit does not have a generator.  The unit does have a rooftop air conditioner, crowd barrier rails for the stage, and stairs.

A used Bizbox Model X would make a great entry level trailer for companies looking for a mobile exhibit as well as a great quick deploy retail, medical, or test collection trailer.

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