Tesla Cybertruck Description

On order.  Arriving in 2024 (according to Elon).  Reserve now (2) units available.

The Cybertruck has a 6.5 ‘ bed, 10,000 or 14,000 pounds towing (we ordered both versions), and a 300-mile range. You can take a baby sledgehammer to the door without denting it.  The glass can stop a baseball-sized ball bearing (sometimes).  At a minimum hail damage should be a thing of the past.  The truck goes 0-60 in ~4.5 seconds but not for you thanks to Valet Mode.  Get it over 88 miles per hour and there is a good chance you rip a whole through time and for sure lose your deposit.  Jail time also seems possible.

We don’t know much else at this point.  But when someone makes the equivalent of a Lamborghini with a 16″ clearance that can haul an event… you don’t ask questions.

tesla cyber truck
tesla cyber truck hauling trailer

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