This unit is on tour until 9/15/24

28′ Stage Truck

Are you looking for an impressive and efficient way to promote your brand or product at events? Look no further than the 28′ Stage Truck, the ideal choice for your next experiential marketing tour or event. Built by Craftsmen Industries, this truck has proven its worth by serving brands like Gillette, Crystal Light, and Dell.

One of the standout features of this stage truck is its hydraulic stage and canopy system that can be operated largely through push-button controls. The truck also comes with onboard power making it a self-contained unit that can be set up anywhere. The custom stage enclosure is mounted on a Freightliner Chassis, ensuring durability and stability.

The stage truck has a white finished interior wall, adding a sleek and professional touch to the overall look. It also features LED lighting that can be adjusted to suit your branding and event requirements. Stairs are included for easy access to the stage, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition between performances or presentations.

The only downside to this impressive truck is its weight.  It is over 26,000 requiring a CDL B or better to drive. Operating the stage truck is similar to driving a 26′ box truck, with the added advantage of a hydraulic stage system that provides a unique and eye-catching platform for your event.

Originally, the stage was enclosed by windows, which made it harder to set up and operate. However, the windows have since been removed, creating a beautiful stage that is easier to set up and more suitable for the current environment.

In conclusion, the 28′ Stage Truck is the ultimate experiential marketing vehicle for your next event or tour. With its hydraulic stage / canopy system,  and white finished interior walls, this truck provides an impressive and professional platform to showcase your brand or product. Don’t hesitate to book the Stage Truck for your next event and take your marketing efforts to the next level.


  • Hydraulic side stage
  • A/C
  • LED lighting
  • Stairs
  • White finished interior walls

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