Small “Walk-In” Marketing Trailer with air conditioning and marquee for lease or sale.

The Small Walk In Marketing Trailer may look rough but those metal panels on the sides are part of the first build.  Originally fabricated to be a fishing hut the trailer was purchased new and converted into a “walk through” exhibit trailer.  The metal panels cover windows built into the original trailer.  The windows were removed and covered with aluminum.

In addition to the window removal, a generator access door was installed in the v nose.  The door provides access to a generator mount built on a sliding drawer-type mechanism. This allows a small generator to be slid out for easy starting and maintenance access without heavy lifting.  The tray also has tie-downs to keep the generator in place.  The generator has been removed.

Trailer Interior

The interior of the trail has recessed ceiling lights, and 1 set of standard 110 outlets on each side wall (4 plugs total).  The rooftop a/c unit is on its own circuit.  A 220v shore power cord is included capable of running interior lights, power outlets, and air conditioning.  However, the lights and outlets can be run off a standard 110v extension cord.

Trailer Condition

The condition of the trailer is used.  The hardwood floor is in good condition.  The driver-side wall is in good condition.  The cabinets are in fair to poor condition.  Cabinet drawers are nonfunctional facade only.  Would recommend paint and some cabinet door adjustment to make it usable.

All exterior lights are in working order.  The trailer tows well and pulls straight even at high speeds.

Trailer Applications

The trailer could be used for a mobile office, pop-up retail, mobile tasting room, or taproom.


  • Rear dual door entry
  • Recessed ceiling lights
  • Wired electrical
  • Rooftop air conditioner
  • Flip-up marquee on the roof
  • Shore power cable
  • Slide-out generator mounting platform (Generator not included)
  • Tech room in the nose
  • Hardwood floors
  • Can be pulled with a full-size SUV
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs

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