Vehicle Description

The Small Mobile Pop-up Store

Sets up quick and tows behind a SUV

Pop-up Features

  • Removable Tongue.
  • Fully open layout for maximum space.
  • Two sided entry/exit access for max flow.
  • LED inset lighting.
  • White aluminum interior for clean lines.
  • Powered by 30 amp shore power plug and play connection.
  • Can be powered by external generator or electrical supply.
  • Additional stage rear stage and fold our wall to create extended footprint.
  • Bold on marquee for increased impact.


  • Usable space when opened up is approximately 15′ 8″ x  7’6″
  • Space can be reduced by not using auxiliary rear stage.
  • Interior Height. 8’.

Truck size and weights

  • Weight of Cube empty: Apprx. 2700 lbs.
  • GVWR: 5,000lbs.
  • Axles: (1) no 5000lbs axle
  • Truck: Minimum 1/2 ton truck or SUV with std electric brake controller compatible with  7-pin wiring harness.  (Recommend 3/4 ton for touring.)

Small Mobile Pop-up Dimensions

(Tongue is removable NOT folding on actual unit)

pop up store trailer design

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