Small Display Trailer Description

The small Display Trailer is an ideal mobile sales trailer, mobile showroom, or mobile retail trailer.  With high ceilings, the unit is comfortable for customers to stand in.  Unique bi-fold stage awning systems are quick to deploy and extend the footprint of the small trailer both in length and width.  This unit is easy to tow and sets up quickly with one person.

This Small Display Trailer is ideal for the current marketing environment.  Take your tradeshow booth to your customers with this dynamic little trailer.  The open-air design allows for fresh air, ample UV light, and one-at-a-time access.  The trailer can even allow for the separation of the demonstrator and the customer.  The product demonstrator could stand in the trailer alone to demonstrate new products while customers stand at a safe distance at ground level.


  • All aluminum, custom bi-fold-stage doors and awnings, steps and handrails
  • Custom bi-fold-stage
  • (2) steps and handrails

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