Small Activation Trailer (Guerrilla Cube CT)

Unleash the Power of Guerrilla Marketing with the Guerrilla Cube CT Trailer!

Revolutionize your brand’s presence with the Guerrilla Cube CT, the ultimate mobile marketing solution designed for businesses of all sizes. This dynamic trailer unfolds into a stage event in a compact box, delivering unparalleled versatility for pop-up stores, activations, stage productions, vending, and exhibits.

Compact Brilliance: The Guerrilla Cube CT takes innovation to new heights by being half the size of its counterpart, the Guerrilla Cube XL. Its compact design ensures easy towing, making it a breeze to transport to any location. This feature allows your brand to go where your audience is, maximizing your reach with minimal effort.

Swift Setup, Maximum Visibility: Time is money. This trailer sets up in a flash, providing you with more time to engage your audience. With openings on three sides, this mobile marvel ensures maximum visibility for your brand, captivating attention from every angle.

Next-Level Marketing: Elevate your marketing strategy with the Guerrilla Cube CT’s sleek design, hassle-free setup, and limitless customization options. This revolutionary mobile marketing solution is not just a trailer; it’s an experience waiting to happen. Stand out from the crowd and create unforgettable moments that resonate with your audience.

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential: The Guerrilla Cube CT is not just a trailer; it’s a marketing powerhouse. From its compact size to its rapid setup and endless customization options, this trailer is designed to turn heads and generate excitement for your brand. Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your marketing strategy – the Guerrilla Cube CT is here to make it happen!

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  • Walk-on Roof
  • Additional Steps for easy step-up
  • LED Lighting
  • Split Doors
  • Corner Floor Fillers
  • Side Wall Extensions
  • Over the Wheel Cabinets
  • Flat Screen TV Wiring on Back Wall
  • LED Driving Lights
  • Interior LED Pot Lights
  • 1 Interior Outlet on Front Wall
  • Wheeled Tongue Jack
  • Stabilizer Jacks (with Hand Crank)
  • 15A Exterior Shore Power Plug-In
  • Single Axle with 3000lbs GVWR (Class 2)
  • Fold Away Tongue with 2” Coupler

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