Single Expandable Unit

This Kentucky Single Expandable Trailer is your ideal companion for large format events or tours. Crafted by Kentucky Trailer, these Single Expandable Trailers are not just trailers; they are a statement in quality and reliability, versatile enough for various purposes.

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, an exhibit, or a product activation, this trailer is designed to leave a lasting impression. Its large interior provides a comfortable and functional space, allowing your guests to relax and enjoy the experience.

Features Include

  • Rear liftgate
  • Multiple points of entry
  • Plumbing for a sink in place (Sink removed)
  • Belly box storage
  • Dual 5-ton HVAC system

Single Expandable Trailers use the same large format 53′ chassis as a double expandable with the benefit or requiring less space for setup.  This can be ideal for smaller mobile tours or (medical) roadshows that need to fit in smaller spaces around downtown office parks or hospitals where space is a premium.  Since one wall does not expand you also have the benefit of permanently mounting displays against the back wall and in the center channel of the trailer.  There is also a weight savings for those looking to transport heavier artifacts.

One standout feature is the 1-ton liftgate located at the rear of the unit. This practical addition simplifies the loading and unloading of equipment, ensuring a smooth setup wherever you go.

Another highlight is the inclusion of dual 5-ton HVAC systems. This system ensures that your guests remain cool and comfortable, regardless of the outside temperature. Its powerful cooling capabilities make it perfect for warm climates or summer events.

Storage is never a concern with the ample belly boxes provided, offering convenient space for your equipment and belongings.

Multiple points of entry facilitate a seamless visitor flow, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

It’s worth noting that these trailers come with a shore power connection and do not include an onboard generator.

In summary, this Kentucky Trailer’s Single Expandable Trailer is an excellent choices for those seeking a high-quality and reliable trailer. Its spacious interior, generous storage options, and impressive features ensure that your next event or tour is set up for success.

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