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Container Bar Description

Container bar features roof top deck and counters on 3 sides.  The bar is powered by shore power or a portable generator.  The bar comes with counter only.  For rentals appliances can be added depending on the type of drink service requested; draft beer, cocktails, or beer and wine.

Container Bar Transport Available

container bar transport

Additional Container Options

Single stage container with open air entrance covered by a soft awning.

Turnkey Shipping Container Bar

Turnkey Shipping Container Bar with draft taps and cocktail well.

Configuration 2 - Single stage with glass doors and retractable awning.

Shipping Container Tailgating

Single stage and bar with rooftop deck.

dual stage hospitality container.

Party Box

Dual stages with open air entrances covered by retractable awnings.

Custom Shipping Containers Bars Logistical Information

The containers can be transported at additional cost.  We have tilt bed and crane options available for tight locations.  We can also arrange shipping of multiple units by flatbed, 2 per trailer, to save on costs.

For long term tours we have multiple trailer options available including “permanent” mounting which essentially converts the container to a trailer.

The container can be fully wrapped or for short term engagements used with spot graphics to keep costs effective.

The containers are garaged on the east coast and are available for showings by appointment.

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