Sampling Trailer

Introducing our innovative sampling trailer, designed to revolutionize your on-site sampling operations. This compact yet versatile trailer is ingeniously designed with a pop-up feature, reminiscent of a small camper trailer, allowing it to be towed more efficiently than fixed trailers reducing fuel costs.

Equipped with expandable awnings on each side, this trailer offers ample outdoor space for your sampling activities. Whether it’s market research, product demonstrations, or promotional events, the expandable awnings ensure that you have a comfortable and sheltered area to engage with your audience.


  • The front wall folds up into the trailer and can house a TV, signage, or displays
  • Can setup to sample from one side or both
  • Shore power or run from a small suitcase generator
  • Electric Awnings
  • Small dimensions give this unit the flexibility for sampling in tight spaces

Step inside this thoughtfully designed trailer and discover a world of functionality. The interior boasts cabinets and counter spaces meticulously positioned on three sides, allowing you to activate your sampling operations from either side. This clever layout optimizes workflow and provides easy access to all your materials and equipment, ensuring a seamless and efficient sampling experience.

This sampling trailer strikes the perfect balance between size and maneuverability. Its compact dimensions enable hassle-free transportation, while still offering generous interior space for your sampling needs.

Upgrade your sampling game with our sampling trailer and unlock new possibilities for engaging with your target audience. With its innovative design, functional interior, and convenient dimensions, this trailer is your ultimate companion for on-site sampling success.

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