Sampling Trailer Description

This custom fabricated mobile sampling trailer or retail trailer is loaded with features to quarterback a sampling campaign or a help you run your business on the road. This 22′ (tongue to tail) mobile unit has a powerful generator on board to power all of the accessories and more.

The trailer is divided into 2 sections.  There is a finished out private office with its own entrance and air conditioning  and a retail storefront space on board. Private office has plenty of storage and workspace. The open and modern retail space is the perfect place to showcase products, services or entertain clients.

The sampling trailer features 3 canopy openings or vending windows (both sides and rear).  The store area also has a rear and side entry door.  The private office also has its own side entrance door.  The trailer has exterior flood lights and a tongue mounted Cummins generator with 25 gallon fuel tank.

The Sampling trailer would also make a great retail trailer for anything from t-shirts to packaged food or could be easily converted to a concession trailer.

Sampling Trailer Features

Retail Space
❑ Cabinets – wood, light gray stain
❑ Cabinets–sliding doors, shelf inside
❑ Trash cabinet to hold two standard trash cans
❑ Countertops – wood, dark gray stain
❑ Foldout bar on both sides and custom made for the back wall – wood, treated + gray stain
❑ Matches countertops
❑ Electrical Outlets – located next to cabinets
❑ Laminate Flooring – dark gray
❑ TV’s – articulating arms swing out for optimal viewing
❑ Security camera system – monitors both compartments
❑ A/C Unit (dedicated)
❑ Mini fridges – 2 side by side
❑ Security camera – ceiling mounted
❑ CustomPlexiglassDisplayWall
❑ Adjustable dimmervrope lighting built-in
❑ 1 quad outlet inside of each cabinet

Private Office/ Storage
❑ 2 office storage cabinets
❑ Sliding shelves
❑ Full counter/desk area
❑ Multiple outlets
❑ A/C Unit (dedicated)
❑ Breaker Panel
❑ Light switches (office + retail space)

Private Office Area

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