Product Sampling Van Description

The Product Sampling Van or Nissan NV 3500 is ideal for high volume product sampling for campaigns that wish to stay nimble.  The Nissan NV 3500 has high payload capacity and is has the higher towing capacity than the Mercedes Sprinter meaning that it can can carry the most product of any standard can on the market.

The Van has been spec’d out for marketing by marketers so it has everything you need for hauling samples, displays, or support elements.  Starting with towing the van has a tow hitch complete with trailer brake.  The unit has an ELD device already installed so you can stay DOT compliant (additional fee).  Finally, the product sampling van was created to safely transport boxes and event elements by having a cabin divider installed to keep the driver safe.  It also has wall covering and e-track for securing cargo and insuring it can be packed and removed easily.  Extra high top allows worker to maneuver while standing.

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