Mobile Surgery Trailer Description – Only 2000 miles on the chassis!

The mobile medical trailer has been designed to be used in several different ways. The range of supporting services can vary from a free-standing emergency room department deployment in a parking lot, or for primary care use, and up to a fully integrated mobile surgical facility connected to an existing health care facility for temporary or permanent use.

The design as a Mobile Surgery Trailer use is based on over thirty years of experience in meeting the regulatory requirements for both freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Hospital based surgical departments. This mobile surgery trailer has the dual use capability that provides for use as either self-contained Ambulatory Surgery Centers, or as an adjunct facility, which can be attached to an existing health care facility.

The regulatory compliance standards used to design and manufacture this mobile medical unit are the same as used for either Ambulatory Surgical Centers or Hospital based Surgical Units. This is a very safe and regulatory compliant unit that provides an approved and protected environment, while meeting the Standard of Care.

This type of surgical trailer has a 15+ year history of compliance and successful use at a hospital in the United States. It meets the standards for Licensure and Certification and does qualify for reimbursement by insurance coverage and by other government programs.

This trailer can also be used for almost any medical use or need, including Endoscopy procedures, or as an ICU, ER, Patient Care, Primary Care, Specialty Clinic, General Clinic, etc. Or, simply for any various uses for a 53’ trailer with 7’ double-expandable sides

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