Mobile Showroom

Ideal hospitality unit for outdoor events.
Retail pop-up store.

This 26′ mobile showroom container is transported by trailer to your event location where it lowers to the ground by a self-contained leg system.  The mobile showroom then extends on both sides doubling from approximately 8′ to 16′.

The mobile showroom’s show side wall is comprised of a glass wall and door.  The glass wall is actually comprised of  concertina doors, doors that can be turned 90 degrees and pushed to one side creating an inviting and open environment.  The opposite (rear) side wall doubles as a branding opportunity on the exterior and a branding or display wall on the interior.

This mobile showroom unit can display a car and even travel with it inside.

Made from lightweight materials this double expandable container has an elegance that stands out amongst its peers.  This sophisticated container will stand out at any event.  The container can be customized for your program and is available for turnkey lease.


  • Unique Expandable Design
  • Glass Wall
  • A/C Unit
  • One Person Setup

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