Retail Trailer Description

The retail trailer is an ideal choice for trade show, convention, or festival sales where access is sold by footprint size. The trailer features a unique removable tongue section that allows the trailer to fit into a 20 foot space.  Removing the tongue means you are a maximizing the display area of your space versus paying for 4 feet of empty space for the trailer tongue.  The custom tongue section is designed to be easily removed by on person and stored under the stage during the event.

The trailer also features powered leveling legs making this trailer a great candidate for outdoor mobile tours as well.  The trailer features an approximately 17′ 5″ wide stage with dual stair cases for traffic flow.  The trailer also has 2 access doors, one on the rear (ada width) and one on the driver side.  The trailer has a rooftop a/c unit.  The unit can be powered by one standard outlet or small generator (ie Honda 2000).

Retail Trailer Dimensions

retail trailer dimensions

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