Mobile Corporate Hospitality Luxury Lounge  (3) units available!

The Ideal hospitality unit for outdoor events, ride and drives, and tailgating.

While the actual layout and dimensions of the 3 trailers differs slightly, each of the Vip Lounge Hospitality trailers come with a roof top deck, large interior space, side awning, and an onboard bathroom.

In the main lounge furniture options can be selected to accommodate program needs creating atmospheres for a corporate training, a customer lounge, or even cocktail bar.

Trailers can be rented for 1 day to multi month.  Basic service includes trailer transport to market, setup and tear down of the trailer, and onsite management of the trailer during the event.  Optional extras include branding  for both interior and exterior of the trailer.  Catering options range from bar service to full meals prepared onsite.


Vip Lounge layout diagram

Vip Lounge layout diagram

Standard Features Include

  • 700 plus interior square feet.
  • Large interior bar.
  • Ability to add 2000 sq ft of outside covered space.
  • The lounge includes 1  interior restroom.
  • Multiple flat screen TV’s and premium sound system.
  • Full roof observation deck with bistro style seating.
  • Guests: 50-75

VIP Trailer 1

Vip Lunge Trailer 1 exterior

VIP Trailer 2

Vip Lounge trailer 2

VIP Trailer 3

Vip Lounge trailer 2

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