Mobile Billboard for Sale

A Mobile Billboard Truck is a moving advertising platform equipped with state-of-the-art features designed to maximize visibility and engagement. Unlike traditional static billboards, these units offer unparalleled flexibility and reach, making them a preferred choice for dynamic marketing campaigns.

Mobile Billboard Trucks eliminate the hassle of graphic wraps, allowing marketers to swiftly customize their campaigns without the constraints of fixed visuals. This flexibility enables timely adjustments to messaging and branding, ensuring relevance and impact.

Say goodbye to lengthy buildout processes! These units come ready-to-use, saving valuable time and resources. Marketers can hit the road with their campaigns at a moment’s notice, capitalizing on emerging opportunities with unmatched agility.

In an era marked by hygiene consciousness, Mobile Billboard Trucks offer a touch-free advertising solution, mitigating health concerns associated with physical interactions. This feature enhances consumer confidence and reinforces brand reputation in a post-pandemic landscape.

Equipped with a reliable Onan QG 7000 Cummins generator, these units ensure uninterrupted operation, regardless of location or power source availability. Marketers can unleash their creativity without worrying about logistical constraints, maximizing exposure in diverse environments.

This Mobile Billboard provides the ability to showcase photos or videos* for a single or multiple campaigns at a time. This adaptability empowers marketers to navigate legal requirements effortlessly, maintaining brand integrity and avoiding potential pitfalls.

*Photo transistion and video presentations are governed by local laws where the vehicle is operating.

Features Include:

  • No Wrap
  • No Buildout
  • No Physical Touch Outdoor Advertising
  • Onan QG 7000 Cummins
  • Show Photos or Videos
  • Rear Screen: 6.5′ x 6.5′
  • Side Screens: 11.5′ x 6.5′

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