Medical Trailer (10 Units)

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, mobility and adaptability are key factors that can make a significant difference in patient care and accessibility. One remarkable innovation that has transformed the way medical examinations are conducted is the use of mobile medical trailers. Designed to be a mobile healthcare facility, this trailer offers convenience and efficiency to medical professionals, ensuring that healthcare services can be delivered to even the most remote or underserved areas.

Exterior Durability and Functionality

The first aspect that stands out in this Medical Examination Trailer is its robust build quality. With an 18″ wedge front nose and aluminum exterior fenders, this trailer is not only durable but also aerodynamic, making it easy to transport to various locations. Clear lens LED clearance and strip tail lights enhance visibility, ensuring safe travels even during nighttime or adverse weather conditions.

Accessibility and Convenience

Accessibility is paramount in the medical field, and this trailer excels in this aspect. It features a rear ramp door with spring assist, facilitating the easy loading and unloading of medical equipment and supplies. Additionally, a 36″ Side Door with a steel step provides convenient access for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Climate Control and Comfort

Healthcare professionals often need a comfortable environment to provide quality care. This Medical Examination Trailer offers dual A/C and heating systems, ensuring a controlled climate year-round. This feature guarantees that patients are at ease during their examinations, regardless of the external weather conditions.

Outdoor Space and Patient Comfort

The inclusion of a front awning (9000 Series) enhances the functionality of this medical trailer. The awning provides a shaded outdoor space where patients can wait comfortably before their examinations or where healthcare providers can take a brief respite between appointments. This feature adds to the overall patient experience and makes the trailer suitable for a variety of settings, from bustling urban areas to tranquil rural locations.

Power Supply and Efficiency

To ensure continuous operation of medical equipment, this Medical Examination Trailer is equipped with a Cummins Onan Quiet 7 Kw Generator with an interior start button and hour display. This generator provides a reliable source of power, allowing healthcare providers to conduct examinations without interruptions.

Interior Features

Stepping inside the trailer, you’ll find a well-thought-out interior that maximizes functionality. LED lighting provides ample illumination, creating a well-lit and welcoming environment for both patients and healthcare providers.

The trailer boasts two fully-equipped exam rooms, complete with exam tables and sinks. This setup allows for efficient patient throughput and the ability to conduct a wide range of medical examinations. Privacy and comfort are maintained, ensuring a high standard of care.

A bathroom facility is also included, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to essential amenities during their work shifts. Additionally, a water heater is installed to provide hot water when needed, further enhancing patient care capabilities.

To meet the needs of both patients and healthcare providers, a refrigerator is included to store essential medications or vaccines at the appropriate temperature.

The Medical Examination Trailer is a remarkable innovation that addresses the growing demand for mobile healthcare facilities. Its robust exterior, accessibility features, climate control, and power supply capabilities make it a reliable and efficient solution for healthcare providers. The well-designed interior with exam rooms, a bathroom, and a refrigerator ensures that patients receive quality care in a comfortable and convenient setting.

Whether it’s for medical outreach programs, disaster relief efforts, or providing healthcare services in remote areas, this Medical Examination Trailer is a versatile and indispensable asset. Its ability to bring healthcare directly to those in need showcases its importance in modern healthcare delivery.

Investing in a Medical Examination Trailer is not just a practical choice; it’s a commitment to providing accessible and quality healthcare to all, regardless of location or circumstances. In the evolving landscape of healthcare, this innovative solution is poised to make a significant impact.


Standard Body Equipment

  • 18″ Wedge Front Nose
  • Semi‐Style Camlock Door Latch
  • Silver Powder Coated Wheels
  • Galvanized Roof
  • Aluminum Top Rails
  • 16″ ATP Stone Guard
  • Aluminum Exterior Fenders
  • Clear Lens LED Clearance and Strip Tail Lights
  • License Plate Holder w/Built‐in Light
  • Welded Safety Chains
  • Ramp Door with Spring Assist
  • No‐Show Beavertail
  • 36″ Side Door w/Steel Step
  • (1) Roof Vent

Exterior Equipment

  • 16′ Awning (9000 Series)
  • 10′ Awning (9000 Series)
  • Fold‐Down/Pull‐Out Step for Side Doors
  • 25,000 BTU Ducted Furnace w/(2) 30lb Tank on Tongue
  • (4) 15″ x 30″ Vertical Radius Window w/Slider and Screen
  • (2) 12v Battery w/Box (Interior or Exterior Mounted)
  • Furnace Upgrade from 25K BTU to 40K BTU
  • 12″ x 16″ Lockable Fuel Door w/Keys
  • 36″ Entrance Door with Cambar

General Equipment

  • Cummins Onan Quiet 7 Kw Generator w/Interior Start Button & Hour Display
  • 110‐Volt Racer’s Package
  • Hydraulic Tongue Jack (4,000lb Capacity)
  • Upgrade to 50‐AMP Panel
  • (28) 8″ I‐Beam to 10″ I‐Beam UPG
  • (3) 12‐Volt LED Loading Light
  • Spread Axle & Single Fenders Upgrade
  • LT215/75R17.5/H Spare Tire w/8 Bolt Gray Wheel
  • 8.5′ Wide Wedge Front (48″ Longer Interior)
  • (28) Additional Height 12″
  • Main Exterior Color White
  • 8′ Slide Out with Table and Window R/S
  • (2) Deluxe Scissor Jacks with Hand Crank (5,000lb Capacity) (Pair)

Interior Equipment

  • Base and Overhead Combination 8′ and 8’6″ Wide Models
  • (13) 12‐Volt Interior LED Dome Light
  • (42) 3/16″ White Vinyl Liner
  • (9) 110v Interior Wall Recept (2 Gang)
  • (3) Install Phone Line
  • (8) Install Cat 6 Lines
  • GFI Wall Recept (Int/Ext, 2 Gang)
  • (3) Overhead Cabinet 8′ and 8’6″ Wide Models
  • (8) Partition Wall, Door not Included
  • Closet R/S Front with Shelf
  • (4) Shelf Inside Base Cabinet
  • 110V to 12V Electrical Converter (30 AMP)
  • (2) Additional Length‐Overhead Cabinets
  • (28) Bead Board Insulation
  • (28) Silver‐Board Insulation w/Galvanized Underbelly
  • (8) Partition Wall with Door
  • (2) 13,500 BTU Roof‐Mount Air Conditioner w/Heat Strip\
  • (16) White Aluminum Counter Top, Interior Mount
  • (3) Base Cab w/Mill Finish Top (5′ and 6′ Wide Models)
  • (2) Refrigerator Upgrade from 4 Cubic Ft to 6 Cubic Ft
  • (35) Gray Marble Vinyl Floor Liner
  • (2) 4 Cubic Ft Electric Refrigerator
  • (2) 24″ LED Lights ILO 500w Quartz Lights
medical trailer floorplan

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