Kentucky Double Expandable Description

This 2016 Kentucky Double Expandable Trailer is in very good condition and could be tour ready in a matter of days .   Once existing graphics are removed they will reveal white Dibond interior walls installed Spring of 2019.  New lighting and a Sonos sound system was also installed  spring of 2019.  The trailer has a drop ceiling and custom floor both in good condition that could be re-used. Exterior is black vinyl, trailer is white under the vinyl. HVAC recreantly serviced as well as current DOT.

This trailer is setup for shore power.  44kw Martin Tractor mount generator is available at additional cost.

This trailer is ideal for b2b roadshows, trade shows, or consumer tours.  This trailer could be on the road in a matter of days.

Kentucky Trailers are a favorite among industry veterans for their quality and ease of operation.  Grab this one before it’s gone.

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