The EZ Stage Truck 

The EZ Stage Truck is simple to operate and can be set up in as little as 10 mins.  A great choice for agile mobile tours this Sprinter-based platform requires no special license to operate and is as simple as driving a van.  The setup of the shell can be done quickly with a 2 person team as shown in the video below in less than 10 minutes.

The Truck does have self-leveling legs and is fully self-contained. Stairs and rails ride inside along with any product displays.  There is out-of-sight storage above the cab.  The EZ Stage Truck is powered by a portable generator.

The EZ Stage truck can be fully customized or just wrap and go.  The interior can be fabric branded instantly with slide-in graphic panels or build custom wall displays to suit your specific needs.

This unit is SOLD but we can build more. 

EZ Stage Features

  • Sprinter Chassis
  • Diesel
  • 11, 500 GVWR
  • Curb weight 8100 pounds (with stage, tv, cabinet)
  • Self leveling legs
  • Dual entry stairs for traffic flow
  • 2 seats
  • 30 amp panel

EZ Stage Truck Setup Video

Now Available EZ Stage 2.0 (dual stage)

EZ Stage Truck Photos

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