Extra Height Single Expandable Trailer has Ceilings that are 10 Feet Tall!

Ideal large equipment demonstration trailer.

The Extra Height Single Expandable Trailer is 53′ long and has ceilings between 9 and 10 feet 3 inches tall in the main display area.  The trailer was originally created to house a jet engine mock up for display purposes.  The extra height is created by the deep drop between the rear tires and the fifth wheel.  Where most trailers have a display area floor running above the wheels this trailer has a main floor running at wheel height.  This configuration sacrifices some display length and belly boxes to create a floor that is just 16 inches off the ground.  The result  is extra height in the display area perfect for large objects.

Once the roughly 21′ 6″ long slide is extended the main compartment has just over 10 feet of height not including the additional space above the ceiling used for ducting.  The slide height approximately 9 feet 5 inches tall.  The nose area and rear of the trailer have ceilings at a more standard height.

extra height single expandable dimensions

The single expandable trailer is ideal for large equipment displays, especially those requiring extended height.  The main entrance to the display area is through the expansion wall at the nose end of the slide-out.  Opposite this entrance facing the rear of the trailer when trailer is “open” is a removable access hatch perfect for loading large displays.  There is another door at the rear passenger side of the trailer.

The trailer does not have an ADA lift but due to the ultra low floor there is a 16′ ramp that can travel with the trailer in (2) 8′ sections that can be used for wheel chair access.  The 16′ ramp should meet the ADA slope requirements when the trailer is on level ground.

Additionally the trailer features a light duty kitchen or break room in the nose area with window.  The trailer comes with 2 stair cases, one for each entrance, including landings and railings.

The trailer has 6 ton a/c unit and does not include a generator.  Tractors with  generators mounted on them are available separately.

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