This unit has sold!  New updated 53′ unit arrives April 2024.

Used 44′ Double Expandable Glass Trailer!

Ideal hospitality unit for outdoor events.
Retail pop-up store.
Demonstration trailer.

The Expandable Glass trailer is so new the plastic protection has yet to be pulled from the skirting.  This trailer can be operated by a single person.  Once disconnected from the tractor the trailer lowers to the ground and stairs extend for the rear of the trailer.  The trailer then extends on both sides doubling from 8′ ” to 16′.

The Expandable Glass trailer has a full-length glass wall on the passenger side.  The glass wall features 2 glass doors that can be used for added accessibility (stairs not included) if desired.   The driver-side wall doubles as a branding opportunity on the exterior and a branding or display wall on the interior.

Made from lightweight materials the Expandable Glass Trailer has an elegant look absent in the current double expandable trailer market.  This sophisticated trailer will stand out at any event and is unique in North America.  The trailer can be customized for your program and is available for turnkey lease including tractor and driver.


  • Unique Expandable Design
  • Glass Passenger Side Wall
  • Automatic Steps that Extend from Rear of Trailer
  • Dual Mini Split A/C Units
  • One Person Setup
  • Trailer Sets Up in as little as 15 Minutes
Large White Exterior Pulse expandable trailer

Actual Unit

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