Expandable Stage Trailer by Featherlite

This 2002 Featherlite trailer had a total interior refresh in August 2019.  Having just returned from a successful high profile tour this trailer is ready for the next campaign.   This trailer is both expandable and a stage trailer making it quite versatile.  Use as a monster stage approximately 35′ x 20′ or this unit can be used as a single expandable trailer.  To use as a single expandable you can simply leave the stage folded up or use the existing faux wall.  The faux wall (can also be easily removed) allows use as an enclosed single expandable with an outside stage (need to add doors to wall to full enclose).  With multiple entrance options and configuration possibilities this trailer is one of the more versatile in it’s class.

The expandable stage trailer features shore power hookups, one a/c unit on the nose, rear entry landing or lift gate, and ada lift.

Stage is operated by winch.  The trailer has rear glass entry doors if you utilize the rare entry landing. There is a side entry door at the rear (ada lift) and nose of the trailer on the passenger side (tech room access).  The stage also can be used for entry.

*Stairs are not not included with this unit.

Expandable Stage Current Condition

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