45′ Exhibit Trailer

This 45′ Exhibit trailer was built in 2017 as a walk though and used for only 2 years pre pandemic.  The 45′ gooseneck features approximately a 21′ stage and canopy “clam shell” on the passenger side revealing dual entry.  This extends the width of the trailer an additional 45 inches.  The rear of the trailer expands as well to extend the exhibit area another roughly 4 feet in setup mode.

This Exhibit trailer is built up from a Homestead 45′ gooseneck trailer.  The trailer is a tri axle and the curb weight is unknown but fully loaded with event set was shown at 20,600.  The trailer has (2) rooftop A/C units.  The trailer expansion was designed to be used with a manual ADA lift (not included in sale).

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