Electric Pedicab Fleet For Sale or Lease

This eco-friendly vehicle provides the ultimate in pedicab transportation. The 3-passenger bike is primarily driven by pedal-power and receives help from an electric battery when needed. The bikes unique body design is made from recycled plastic and can be vinyl wrapped to promote your business or brand advertisers. Each vehicle features halogen headlights, signal lights, break lights and is fully covered for additional safety and to protect passengers from inclement weather.

What’s included in the Pedicab fleet

The 5 unit pedicab fleet is comprised of 5 Veloform City Cruiser II pedicabs.  Each vehicle comes equipped with a locking display system that can accommodate an iPad tablet. This feature will allow your passengers to interact with your business or advertisers while on route.  1 of  the 5 units is referred to as the “Team Leader” and has been upgraded with a stronger battery and motor so it can accommodate longer distances, additional weight and extended hours.  This unit is ideal for supervising the other pedicabs.

How to Transport the Pedicab Fleet

The entire pedicab fleet can be shipped in one standard 53′ semi trailer to most markets in North America.  If dividing the pedicabs between multiple markets smaller trailers towable by pickup trucks could be used.  Our shipping partners are happy to assist with turnkey service moving the pedicabs from market to market if needed.

Pedicab Electric Assist Details

  • Max speed 20 mph
  • Estimated range 25 miles
  • Estimated charge time 6 hours
  • Digital electric motor 250-360 W/24 V
  • 7-gear transmission w/ grip shift
  • Lead-Gel batteries (2 x 12 V/17 Ah)

Pedicab Additional Features

  • Polyethylene white body
  • Locking Ipad Display for passenger area
  • Headlights / turn signals / brake lights
  • Aluminum roof sign
  • Adjustable rear-view mirrors
  • Rear hydraulic disk brakes
  • Front and rear suspension

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