Electric Golf Cart (Gem Car)

This electric golf cart, better known as a Gem eL XD, has been customized to be an experiential marketing display.  Gem cars are considered the premium low speed vehicle (25mph max) for personal transport and commercial application.  The el-XD is the workhorse of their product line with approximately 1400 pounds of payload capacity.

This custom electric golf car has taken advantage of the large payload capacity by adding a custom display box.  The box features multiple display areas (rear and side facing).

This electric golf cart can be used as is as a mobile display, just wrap and roll.  Or you can create your own custom box for your specific display needs.  This is a great low cost high visibility asset for your next marketing campaign.


  • 25 mph max speed
  • 12-68 mile range depending on battery type
  • Dry weight 1585 (does not include custom box)
  • Payload 1400 pounds (includes custom box)
  • 114″ wheelbase

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