Drop Trailer For Lease (Arrives in May)

This is a truly remarkable piece of equipment that has the ability to lower itself to the ground, without any of the complicated loading logistics of a container or pod. It’s a fully functional trailer that can easily be towed into position and lowered to the ground.

What makes this Drop Trailer even more impressive is that once lowered to the ground the unit expands in width to approximately double in size.  But that’s not all. This Drop Trailer is has the weight capacity and space to display and carry a vehicle inside.

Up above, once expanded, the rooftop deck is available to guests complete with spiral staircase.  Guests exit through a dedicated door in the front of the trailer leading them up to a spacious roof top viewing area ideal for sporting events and trade shows.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile showroom, a pop-up retail space, or a event hospitality area, the Drop Trailer is the perfect solution. It’s easy to transport, easy to set up, and incredibly versatile. Plus, with its innovative design and clever engineering, it’s sure to turn heads and impress your clients.

So, if you’re in the market for a unique and practical piece of equipment that will help you stand out from the competition,  the Drop Trailer is the answer for your next roadshow.


  • Trailer drops to ground level
  • Ability to carry a vehicle inside
  • Rooftop deck with spiral staircase
  • Windows across nearly the entire the passenger side
  • LED lighting
  • Finished open interior

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