Drop Trailer Description

The 2019 custom Drop Trailer has the ability to lower itself to the ground mimicking the height of a shipping container without the complicated loading logistics of a container or pod.  (Or building permits!)  The Drop trailer is a fully functional trailer that can easily be towed into position and hydraulically lowers itself to the ground.

This custom unit features a clam shell front entrance with a  stage and canopy on the side to create a large (approximately) 32 foot long footprint out of a 24 foot long trailer.  The trailer has a 4kw generator to support the display area.  There is no HVAC on this open air trailer.  The drop trailer has a fold up marquee on the roof and built in access ladder.

The trailer is currently setup for displaying tech products but can but customized for a variety of applications.

Due to the custom nature of this trailer it requires use of transport services.

drop trailer dimensions

Images digitally altered to remove copyrighted material.  More images coming soon or available offline.  

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