Double Expandable Trailer

We have Double Expandable Trailers for lease or sale.

These trailers are typically members of lease fleets actively being used and are fleet maintained. Trailers are focused on b2b roadshows, consumer activations, and production. All units include HVAC but can come with an onboard generator or no generator at all depending on the unit. Floor systems vary by unit so please let us know your use case so we can make sure we select units that will work for your application.double expandable car elevator

Double expandable trailers typically have a dual entry for traffic flow with either dual rear doors or one forward and one aft entry along the slide. Some units have a third door in the nose allowing separate access to the “tech room”, storage, or lounge area depending on how you choose to use it. Two sets of staircases are included on most units.

There are 2 main styles of floor systems. The “box-in-box” style of double expandable allows simple and quick setup by one person. After leveling the trailer with a single wired remote for the hydraulic leg system the trailer is ready to expand. To extend the slides an elec

tric remote is plugged into each side and a single operator simply presses the “open” button. The trailer is extended by a geared motor rather than hydraulics keeping operations and maintenance fairly simple. To close the trailer the process is reversed using the “closed” button. A few floor inserts are then inserted to cover mechanicals. Variations in this style are where the floor folds creating either a narrower or wider storage channel. The narrow allows permanent fixtures to be mounted to the interior slide wall. Wider allows more packing space.

The second style is the stage and canopy. In this style, the slide is assembled during the opening process. The awning raises exposing a stage that is lowered into place and leveled out. Finally, the wall accordions out to complete the slide. This method takes a little more time to set up but results in a more uniform ceiling height and a larger packing area.

Check out this video of a stage and canopy trailer being set up compared to the push button operation described above. Stage and canopy trailers have different strengths versus box-in-box. For applications where setup speed and a single or small road crew are desired, such as a B2b mobile tour, the box-in-box may be the best solution. The “box-in-box” style works well for mobile classrooms, hospitality trailers, mobile meeting facilities, mobile command centers, and certain mobile displays.

Another variable when it comes to single or double expandable trailers is the floor. Some units fold up vertically others retract accordion style. Some require manual removal of sections of the floor to allow the slides to retract, this adds to setup time.

double expandable trailer floor diagram

While double expandable all have a similar size and format, (even the new modern units seen here) they achieve it in different ways.  Simple box-in-box versus stage and canopy depends on the application, neither is better than the other.  Both the display area and the logistics should be taken into consideration when making a decision.

All double expandables are not the same.  Manufacturers and the style of the trailer come into play.  Featherlite is at the top of the list for custom expandable trailer manufacturing and has been for quite a while.  They boast solid engineering and the team at Featherlite is always ready to help answer a question.  When it comes time to retrofit the trailer or if new customizations are desired Featherlite can usually give you a good bit of information just from the VIN.  Centrally located in the US Featherlite is available for service or support as needed.

If you are interested in a Double Expandable Trailer click here to request more information on which units would work for your program.


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