Digital (LED) Truck

Digital (LED) Truck(s) can be  rented by the day or for long-term contracts. Large LED screens can be customized with nearly any message.  Full activation, customization and buildout can be achieved by email for Contactless Outdoor advertising for both the creators and audience.  Screens can display photo advertisments or videos if the truck is parked or traveling under 12 mph.

Try Zero touch experiential marketing. Digital marketing in the physical world!

Truck 1
2020 Chevy Express 38,500 miles with 1,300 hours on the Onan generator

Truck 2
2021 Chevy Express 32,880 miles with 1,900 hours on the Onan generator

Truck 3
2022 Chevy Express 25,088 miles with 1,275 hours on the Onan generator

Each Truck Features:

  • Side Screens: 6’5” x 11’5”
  • Rear Screen: 6’5” x 7’
  • P4
  • 96 DPI
  • Onan Generator

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