“Citroen” HY Van


Take a look a this new take on the much loved classic Citroen Hy Van. While the look of the classic Hy van can’t be beat, the actual size, maintenance required, and driving experience leaves a lot to be desired for use on an Experiential Marketing Mobile Tour.  Enter the new Hy Van, a modern, reliable, full sized van complete with modern conveniences such as air conditioning and the ability to drive at highway speeds for long distances. Not mention cruise control, radio, airbags and other modern safety features.   The duality is achieved by taking a modern high topped van and cladding it in a custom fiberglass shell that mimics the beautiful styling of the classic Citroen Hy Van from 50+ years ago.

The fiberglass exterior is custom made to fit the van and puts a bit of a new spin on the old design while simultaneously giving a nod to the original.  This Van will certainly be a head turner and at the same time is capable of executing a demanding nationwide tour schedule.

The actual van used underneath the body is a long wheel base unit so it has ample storage space.  The van is customized with an oversized vending window for high volume sampling.  The van also has a high roof allowing most staff to fully stand up and walk around inside, a trick most of the original Hy vans cannot do.

The Hy Van is ideal for sampling campaigns or could be customized for food sampling or product demonstrations.  The van can be fully wrapped or just add spot logos to save cost on short term activations.  The Hy Van currently comes with a basic cargo van interior.

This Van is available for lease or purchase for marketing tours and events.

Additional HY Van Photos

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