3 Glass Boxes (pop-up cubes) Description

The 3 glass boxes make an immersive pop-up store footprint or use individually to extend your footprint around a city or neighborhood.  The cubes are transported on a single custom trailer that can lower each cube individually so they can be placed strategically.

The glass cubes have a large vending style canopy revealing either a large window or the window can be removed to create a walk in open air exhibit.  Using glass on both sides the 3 boxes make great 3D displays or small 1 to 1 activation areas.  Cubes have a side entry door.  With the front window removed consumers can easily enter and exit the interior display area.

There are so many different ways to use the 3 glass boxes to create unique interactive experiences in a versatile footprint.


  • Glass on both sides.
  • Roof mounted a/c.
  • Generator available.
  • Customizable.

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