24 foot Glass Walled Truck for Lease for long or short term experiential programs.

This truck makes an ideal mobile movie theatre or mobile test kitchen in addition to numerous other applications.

Glass walled trucks allow consumers to see into the event while still keeping the interaction in a climate controlled environment. Furthermore these trucks have the ability to pull double duty as an immersive event footprint as well as a 3D mobile billboard traveling down the highway.

The unique build of this truck allows a simple single staircase to be added to the rear of the truck for easy set up. The truck also features ample lower skirting available for brand messaging as well as header area. Don’t want to reveal your whole activation? There is always the option of covering partial or entire windows with graphics.

Creating a mobile movie theatre allowed consumers to test new ultra comfy theatre chairs. The large onboard generator and ample “tech room” powered the custom chairs as well a full theatre experience complete with movie screen, surround sound and of course popcorn. This build also took advantage of roof top graphics to advertise to potential customers in high rise buildings while touring downtown areas.

The mobile test kitchen allowed consumers to see a revolutionary new kitchen hood in it’s natural setting. While the kitchen was largely a non functioning back drop, the hood was fully functional allowing demonstrations of its amazing air cleaning capability. With glass walls not only were consumers inside the truck able to see the demonstration but also those walking nearby.


  • Diesel Cab Chassis
  • Onboard Generator (gas)
  • Dual Roof A/C Units
  • Multiple Units Available

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