BizBox  Trailer Description

Ideal Pop-up Activation trailer.
Retail store.
B2b roadshow demonstration trailer.

The Bizbox trailer is ideal for high traffic retail or outdoor events such as concerts and festivals because of it’s ample entry options and open air configuration.   In lower volume setting where the doors can remain closed the Bizbox makes an excellent quick deploy meeting space or mobile showroom for b2b marketing tours, trade shows, and conventions.

The Bizbox tows behind a 1 ton truck and can be pulled without special licensing when properly configured.

The Bizbox can be fully wrapped or for short term engagements used with spot graphics to keep things cost effective.

The Bizbox can be leased by itself or with a truck and driver.  Expert drivers double as setup crew and will stay on location during events to manage the trailer.

One experienced crew can setup the trailer in approximately 30 minutes.

This trailer is garaged at our Denver, CO location and is available for showings by appointment.

Bizbox Trailer Tips

While our videos illustrate how quickly the 2015 Bizbox can be setup our recommendation is work slowly and take your time.  These units are on the more delicate side with door latches that break easily when forced and ceilings that can be badly scratched  by opening the doors too quickly on a trailer that is not perfectly level.  Similarly if stages are not in the correct position the doors will dig in and cut into the floor.

That is not to say these are bad trailers.  They are an excellent value, have a great look, and are relatively light weight overall.

BizBox  Trailer Key Features

  • Fold up roof marquee

  • Rooftop air conditioner

  • 8’ by 2’ storage

  • Exterior mounted ladder (roof access)

  • Roof Speakers mounts

  • 4 sets of stairs

  • Techroom in nose

Now Available, 2019 Bizbox

2019 Bizbox for lease

 Bizbox Trailer Tour

 Bizbox Setup Tips

 Tear Down a Bizbox in 20 Minutes

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