2005 AK Double Expandable for lease.

This unit was clearly created to be a work horse.  Triple axles to spread weight, a 100kw generator to handle any power needs paired with a 10 ton a/c system to cool everything down.  This trailer has been road tested on many campaigns and is reported to be a solid unit.

Guest entry ways in the side walls of the passenger side slide allow traffic flow through the trailer.  A third entry for staff is located driver side nose section of the trailer.

Floor System

The floor system in the trailer works by manual fold up and lock.  With the slides extended floor sections  fold up and lock against the outer slide wall.  Once locked in place the slide can be retracted.  Collapsed or in the closed position the fold up floor leaves a larger storage channel down the center of the trailer than some other automatic bi fold floor options.

fold up floor system

Trailer Measurements

Unfortunately a detailed line drawing from the manufacturer is not available for this unit.  Below are a footprint diagrams created for planning and graphic purposes.  These drawings should be considered approximate only and are shown here only to help understand the trailer footprint.

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