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16′ Glass Display Truck Description

A small step up from the ultra agile 12′ glass truck. The 16′ glass display truck not only adds another 4 feet of display area but comes with commercial style rear glass entry door.  Adding a door (over a 12’ers swing out window access) creates an indoor activation area complete with air conditioning.  The small change creates a big difference in use cases.  This unit is ideal for mobile activations such as a salon, nail studio, or blow out salon.

Now available, 16 foot glass truck with side access door!  (Option 2 pictured below)

Style option 2 trucks are newer units with 2018-2019 model year chassis. Style 2 units have 7kw generators, roof mounted a/c, interior LED lighting, and white interior finishing.  The major difference between styles of the 16′ glass display trucks are the windows and the side door.  Style 2 features a single large window pane and side access door.  The side access door is especially helpful for curbside activations in cities like New York.


Click here to see other available glass options.


  • Multiple Units Available
  • Electrical plugs
  • Aluminum stairs
  • Black awning
  • Interior lighting
  • Unit can arrive turnkey with your graphics and internal build

16 Foot Glass Truck Style Option 1 –  Out of Stock

16 Foot Glass Truck Style Option 2

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