What to do right now?

For companies that can weather the storm and believe they will return to a business that is intact the experiential landscape has some opportunities. 

If you are an agency or brand active in event marketing you probably spent the last month or so coming to terms with the situation in the Experiential Marketing industry.   In the last couple weeks you’ve put together a timeline for  when you think mobile tours and events will start to return.  If you are not sure when events will return check out our last post, “When Will Experiential Marketing Return from the Covid-19 Shutdown?
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As states reopen but experiential remains closed it’s time to think about what can be done right now.  We have two thoughts in terms of the best way to spend your time if you aren’t involved in Covid19 relief actions and you or your clients are looking for opportunities.  For companies are willing to spend there will be increased ROI due to decreased demand and softer pricing.

When will experiential marketing return from Covid-19

Opportunity 1, Build Experiential Assets.

Build assets that can be ready to hit the road safely when we get to that point.  We have talked to several fabrication partners and they confirm that they can build safely.  Yes, they can get supplies.  Most are actually building right now with others planning to resume building when “Stay at Home” orders are lifted.  Our hunch is that building is far below capacity and we suggest shopping around to see who is willing to give you a good price.

The reason to build now is simple and less risk than it might appear.  For brands that are a consumer staple or even regional brands that are positioned to recover it doesn’t matter if the trailer hits the road this August or summer 2021 (thanks Facebook).  If you can get the asset built at a discount now you are then ready to hit the ground running should a vaccine or treatment surprise us all or if the current projections stand.  Also consider building something that can be used for contactless marketing in the near term.

Assets to build right now:

Touchless or zero contact event vehicles.

Event or Mobile assets planning to be used year around for long term.

Small to medium event trailers.

Small and Large format trailers for B2b tours.

Opportunity 2, Contactless Experiential Marketing.

Have you been to Home Depot or Lowes lately?  I hope not, but the parking lots are packed.  There are lines outside Costco and other Grocery stores due to limited entry.  With restrictions lifting now is the time to use Glass trucks, Digital Trucks and Mobile Displays to interact with consumers.  Use these assets to get messaging out on how your brand is evolving for the epidemic.  Create digital games leveraging physical assets. Remind people that Amazon is not the only one that can deliver.  Or just make people laugh.  It’s a stressful time and seeing the L.L. Bean Boot Mobile might be the highlight of someone’s week! (Where is that Rick and Morty Truck?)

During this time it is smart strategy to keep projects local.  This removes the cost of hotels, keeps drivers safe at home, and allows the event to be largely contact free.  Many if not all experiential execution companies are offering discounts for Coovid related campaigns.

Customize a Glass Truck

glass display truck curtains

Build a Custom Display

Rick and Morty Truck

Go Digital with a LED Truck

LED Digital Truck Rentals