Green marketing vehicles include hybrid as well as as completely emission free vehicles.  Solar, electric, pedal, and combinations are included.

Zero Emission Marketing Vehicle

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The Elf weighs 150 pounds and can transport 350 pounds. The battery-powered 750-watt motor has a 14-mile range and can be recharged by 7 hours of sunlight or 1.5 hours by a traditional plug. The Elf's top speed is 20 mph. The Elf gets the equivalent of 1800mpg. Want to read more about the Elf [...]

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Tesla Cybertruck

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Tesla Cybertruck The Tesla Cybertruck represents a groundbreaking innovation in the world of electric vehicles (EVs). With its distinctive design and advanced features, it promises to redefine what a pickup truck can be. Combining functionality, sustainability, and futuristic aesthetics, the Cybertruck is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a robust yet eco-friendly vehicle. The Cybertruck’s [...]

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