retailer oaisis goes mobile

The retailer Oasis goes mobile with their creation, Bessie the Bus.

We have learned that Bessie is a mobile retail store designed to bring the latest fashions to customers own neighborhoods. Over the next year Bessie will make 250 stops in neighborhoods around the UK without close proximity to a retail store to allow customers to experience the brand in person.

The bus, formally a mobile library, has been completely refitted with a new interior featuring displays such as a retro fridge used to display knitwear and jewelry box that prints receipts.

mobile retail pop up shop

Bessie will be the bridge between the brand’s digital and physical marketing campaigns while helping to build social and local strategies.

The brand also states that Bessie is not simply a promotional vehicle. The bus will be treated like a store with it’s own P&L plan and a full staff that includes a driver.

Over the next year Bessie hopes to create a lot of local and online buzz about the Oasis brand. Oaisis has used the bus strategy before in a short week long effort in Ireland in 2010.

In the race to digital marketing many brands have missed the opportunity to leverage the power of physical interaction with their digital strategy. Live experience has continually proven to have significantly stronger effects on shoppers than clicks. There seems to be no replacement for live customer experiences that allow see, touch, and feel. is not currently affiliated with Oasis or this mobile tour program, information Via Ad Age: CMO Strategy Google Marketing Fire Truck NYCInfo from