Additional Experiential Marketing Support Services.

transport of turnkey glass walled truck rental

Vehicle Transport

We can arrange delivery of your new event vehicle, transport for existing vehicles, and full tour transport.  DOT compliant, fully insured, specialty drivers with 10 years experience.

We have the ability support agency initiatives that are too short to make hiring a tour team cost effective.  We have transport solutions for more complex projects such as shipping container including placement and setup.

We also handle background logistics such as delivery and training for in house programs.

promotional truck

Specialty & Promotional Vehicles

We can source specialty vehicles for purchase or arrange short term lease programs for eye catching vehicles and hauler trucks. From the latest Mini to the one of kind International MXT.

Short term lease programs can fix costs for programs over buying and selling. A custom lease also saves budgets from tax and registration costs. For long term programs or extreme customization purchases may be the best option. Let us  make sure you get the right car, truck, or chassis for your particular need.

Our network includes more vehicles than are listed here including a wide selection of new and late model, low milage hauler trucks from Ford and Ram.

marketing vehicle storage

Marketing Vehicle Storage

Secure storage options for any size marketing vehicle or trailer.  Free storage available in Denver, CO for our customers (additional terms apply).


The Garage is a heated 4000 sq. ft. maintenance and storage facility for marketing vehicles.  The Garage offers routine maintenance for vehicles, trailers, and generators as well as coordinating annual DOT inspections and larger repairs.

Specialty services such as trailer decommissioning and light repair are also available.

The Garage has outdoor storage for marketing vehicles as well as limited indoor storage.

The Garage is located north of Denver, Colorado.