Mobile Pop-up Store Made Easy

Experiential Vehicles has a wide variety of vehicles that can operate as a mobile pop-up store.    Here are some examples of vehicles that could fit your style or budget.  We have units available for purchase or lease.  We also offer a variety of pop-up store options packaged with services for transport and training if needed.


Mobile Pop-up Store Trailer

Bizbox units can be leased or purchased. Experiential Vehicles is an authorized agent; Pricing is the same as buying from the manufacturer direct.

This trailer is ideally suited to create a big event impact in a more agile and less logistically taxing footprint. The unit sets up quickly and expands to look less like a trailer and more like a custom structure or container. The trailer is fully customizable or can be used “as is” for quick turn projects.

  • Three entry/exit points for the flow of traffic
  • LED inset lighting & white aluminum interior for clean lines
  • Closed dimensions: 29’ by 8’4” measured from hitch to rear
  • Pop-up, usable space when opened:  23’ by 12’ (w/fold-out decks)
  • Interior Height: 8’
CGS Premier EXT lease or sale

CGS Premier EXT Trailer

The EXT Trailer is an ideal event marketing trailer.  The trailer was crafted to set up quickly and provide all of the elements required for a mobile event space.  The trailer includes a fold-out stage and canopy system that can be set up in as little as 15 minutes.  The trailer has onboard power (4 kw Onan generator), a rooftop a/c unit, and an audio system complete with rooftop speaker mounts.  The trailer includes 3 entry points for traffic flow. There is also a storage area in the front to support any event need.

This unit is for Sale or Lease

Guerrilla Cube

The Guerrilla Cube is an easy-to-tow trailer that unfurls into a 2 story event or shop in a box.  The unit setups quickly with clamshell style openings on 3 sides along with 2 additional fold-out wall extensions (display walls).  The unit was spec’d to have a DJ on the roof and comes with a fold-up rooftop railing system and outlet on the roof.

Glass Event truck passenger side

Glass Event Truck

Custom built as a mobile retail store these three glass event trucks can be used “as is” for retail or be customized for a mobile exhibit, retail store, 3D display, or b2b mobile meeting location.  The trucks feature a large display area with windows on each side.  (2) units have removable panels and windows so the exhibit area can be open air.  The truck features a large separately air-conditioned tech room or storage area.  Stairs are included.

The exterior of the truck features monitors on each side for digital messaging.  Each truck has either 4 windows on each side or 2 windows and 2 removable panels for a more open-air option.   Removable panels can be replaced with glass.  The trucks feature ample belly box storage.  The interior of the truck is currently built out with custom shelving and mirrored demo area for high-end product sales.   There is a mini split a/c unit above the door.  The storage area behind the mirrors features its own air conditioner, shelving, and work area.