Mobile Disaster Relief, Response, & Community Outreach Trailers: Covid-19

Primary response for disasters in the US is done by State and Federal agencies along with world organizations such as The Red Cross.  There are also private companies that have mobile assets designed specifically for disaster relief.  When these companies reach capacity governments, communities, and businesses look to outside industries such as Experiential Marketing for assistance.

As a marketplace for Experiential Assets we thought it might be useful to create a single page listing of all the assets that have been used in the past or are similar to those used in disaster relief.

The trailers on this page are owned by small businesses that are actively fighting to keep the doors open during this epidemic. As a result they cannot afford to donate their assets but all of the owners of the equipment listed here have agreed to reduced prices for use in Covid-19 related efforts as well as to work at or below cost where they can.

The Experiential Marketing industry's parked event vehicles could be used for disaster relief.

All Assets shown here have functional interiors that can be used “as is”.

Mobile Relief, Mobile Lab, Mobile Office, Mobile Quarantine Trailers

These trailers have a large room that can be customized for uses ranging from a mobile workspace or lab to a quarantine facility.  These are the only units on the marketplace that have a bathroom and running water.

Mobile Response,  Mobile Command Trailers

These trailers have a large room that can be customized for a range of uses from mobile claims office to patient triage.  These units have onboard power and HVAC but no running water or bathrooms.

Mobile Distribution Trailers

These units have a large payload capacity as well as custom features to assist in high volume distribution of supplies. These trailers cannot carry as much weight as a standard semi trailer.

Mobile Messaging Trucks

Zero contact interaction that is completely touch free, these assets can be used for public education or other communication.

We will update this list based on participation and needs.

If you have an asset that you would like included on this page that is in turnkey condition please email  Turnkey means vehicles must be ready to roll without requiring maintenance or  customization.