Marketing Vehicles

Marketing vehicles are used to communicate and deliver information about your brand to a target audience. They are a great way to spread brand awareness and educate consumers. There are many ways companies can advertise however with vehicles the advertising message can be taken directly to their consumers. Choosing the right vehicle can be a big decision when working on a marketing vehicle tour. Selecting the right vehicle  for the campaign can influence not only the efficiency of the tour but also amplify the marketing impact.  For this reason we have created a large and diverse selection of vehicles and trailers for Experiential Vehicles customers. Please let us know if you need assistance in choosing the vehicle that is right for your campaign.

Here are some of the various types of vehicles we have listed:

Hospitality Vehicles

These types of vehicles are generally used to provide a lounge and/or cater events.  They can be open air or enclosed.  Some will have a rooftop deck.  Most will come with a lounge or bar setup.

Mobile tavern hospitality trailer for rent

Pop-Up Merchandise Store

Pop-up retail stores are a popular way to spread brand knowledge.  We have many types of units that can be used to display and/or sell your products to your target audience.  The picture below shows a glass truck already set up to display products.  Notice the shelves in the window.

glass event trucks parked

Vintage Vehicles

Some marketers like to give their programs a vintage touch.  Vintage vehicles are a great way to provide that old-school look and feel.  These can be vending trailers, bars, or just a pretty vehicle to set up as a backdrop.


Vending and Food Truck Vehicles

Whether you are passing out samples, selling through a vending window, or needing an actual food truck.  We have many choices of vending and food truck vehicles to pick from.

vending step van front

These are just some of the vehicle types we have at Experiential Vehicles.  Press the “Search All Vehicles” button below to start your next search for your Marketing Vehicle.  If you need assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.