Marketing trucks - spring break

Spring Break Crowd Pleasing Trucks

Big Marketing Trucks – Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014 is rapidly approaching. This March students will again descend on Panama City Beach, FL and South Padre, TX to blow off steam while in search of the ultimate party.

Whether you are stationed on the beach in front of La Vela or a side attraction to the powerful Coca Cola stage at La Isla Grand Resort, one thing is true no matter what the brand. If your going to bring a vehicle, it better be pretty bad ass.

If you are selling cars we would recommend fuel efficient, tech enabled cars priced to move. But if you want to draw a crowd and stand out you might want to get a truck, a big one. We have amassed a list of currently available high and low priced options that will stand above the swarming crowds at SB14.

The International MXT

Red Bull is a big fan of it and Bud Light had a couple.  Made only in 2008 this is a rare one. Google it and see how many come up for sale. Also make sure when googling you look at a picture with people in it for perspective otherwise you might just think its a big pickup. It’s not, it’s a huge pickup and it looks incredibly tough. People that are in the marketing vehicle business stop and double take at this truck.

Upgrades available are DJ pod or sound system that raises hydraulically from the truck bed. We currently know of 2 quality units available and one is likely to sell in days. These units top out under $100k, luckily they can be leased as well.

The International Terrastar

A modified pickup version of this super hauler can be fabricated in time for spring break.  We aren’t going to tip our hand but it is a different look than the MXT but a crowd pleaser all the same.


Unimog Experiential Marketing Vehicle

Unimog – From a Private Seller

This tank of a truck craves to be driven down the beach at PCB and at less than half the price of the previous two entries it is a more cost effective way to stand out. However, both the Terrastar and the MXT come with a luxury interior package, the Unimog comes with less creature comforts.  But is does have one function the Internationals don’t.  The Unimog has a hydraulic tilt bed.  Some clever marketing person can surely figure out how to make innovative use of that feature.  Either way cruising the strip or the beach, the Unimog will not be overlooked.


2.5 Ton Military 4×4, M-Something

If the Unimog lacks creature comforts than the M-OU812 is flat basic. This customized military truck has had some length chopped and the rear axle retrofitted for over sized single tires giving it the look of a traditional 4×4 on steroids.

Military experiential vehicle marketing trucks - spring break

This…is the smaller version.

The truck can travel on the highway but you won’t make good time. This military based marketing truck makes a big statement and comes in as the cheapest option in the Super truck category at less than $25,000. It also has a big brother quad cab version that is significantly more expensive and a brute.

Quad-Cab Jeep

The Perfect Mobile Tour Vehicle

The Perfect Mobile Tour Vehicle

Speaking of brutes, if we get out of the super pickup truck mode and we can take a look at this custom jeep. The Jeep has been retrofitted to to become a quad cab pickup. When large tires and a lift are added you have what kind of looks like the MXT’s kid brother. Or better said, a much more practical version. In terms of standing out it won’t match the others but these are rare and unique.

They are also made by a shop that has been performing this type of automotive surgery for years and has a great reputation. This option also gives you a new vehicle versus a used one and that means better reliability if you decide to take it on a mobile tour post Spring Break. It also means you can order multiples.

The Classics

These start at very low costs but you better add on a budget to get them road ready if you are going to take them anywhere besides a small beach town. The great thing is that they are extremely customizable to ride high and stand out. They are also capable of highway driving with a trailer. Though again, you want to spend some time getting them road ready. It is probably a good time to point out that taking a classic near the ocean will create a potential rust issue. This may horrify aficionados but should pose no issue for a properly prepped classic.

Favorites include the International Scout, Land Rover Defender (90 and 110), and the Toyota FJ. These are also a great way for smaller brands to get their feet wet in the world of experiential marketing vehicles and events.

FJ, Scout, Land Rover marketing trucks - spring break classics

All these classic trucks are currently available.

Quad cab pick ups and 4×4’s are not the only option for Spring Break but they are a great option because they can do double duty as a mobile billboard and event set. This awesome 6 doored Ford F350 Excursion is a triple threat with a standout look, functional space, and it’s brand new.  All of these options could also simply be parked on the beach for the month and have staff work around them. “Hey you guys see that big Unimog parked on the beach? They are giving out Banana Boat sunscreen.”

Need a spring break vehicle for your brand?